Friday, December 14, 2007


      So I went to Dunkin' Donuts this morning, as I am prone to do when the amount of sleep I got the night before is not equal or greater to 1/5 of the number of hours I will be awake before I sleep again.  Or if its Monday.  So the young korean girl behind the counter knows who I am, and she knows I always order the same thing.  She gives me a look of pity as I walked to the counter.  I wondered how awful I really looked.  

"Could I get a small Dunkacinno?"

"We don't have Dunkacinnos anymore."  She looked as crestfallen as I felt as she said it.  

"N-n-no Dunkicinnos?"  The elderly Korean woman, possibly her mother, stepped up, and the younger girl who usually takes my order looked away in shame.

"They've discontinued the Dunkacinno, sorry."  She said, regretfully.

I stared up at the mauve menu in a desperate attempt to locate something equally tasty, and failed.  I ordered a Hot Chocolate and went to work.  I am not the least bit amused by this development, and the idiots at Dunkin' Donuts HQ should all go step in front of traffic.  

At least the girl behind the counter felt for me.  She understood my pain.  

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