Friday, April 25, 2008

Crazy, Like Insane, or Crazy Smart?

A not-so-little bird whispered in my ear this morning.  

And he had a crazy prospect.

Obama should take Ed Rendell as his VP candidate.  

To which I said, "Wha??" and promptly began to choke-out said bird...

...but then I thought about it...and my distaste for such a notion began to grow as faint as the bird's pitiful chirps for clemency.

It's true that at this point Obama will have to make a major endeavor to reclaim the Land of Clinton and her supporters.  Just like Germany and Japan, they will have to carefully be brought in as allies after we've annihilated their way of life.  For many reasons, most of them having to do with her no longer being a Democrat, Clinton herself would be poison on Obama's ticket.  So what better way to extend an olive branch with one hand and pass the hat with the other than to offer the VP spot to Clinton's most vocal and arguably most popular surrogate?  Sure, it doesn't help Obama in the West much, and Rendell has this slight issue with telling the truth (Can you have two people with that problem on the same ticket?  Has it ever been tried??) which might get them both in trouble, but the upsides are a strong showing in Pennsylvania and a feeling among Clinton supporters that an Obama Presidency wouldn't be the "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" episode they all think it's going to be.  

Well, maybe there are better ways to get the money of Clinton donors, but I haven't thought of them yet, and now I have a dead bird in my hand.  Oops.

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